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The Donalda Club is a private golf and country club in the heart of Toronto for the exclusive enjoyment of its members and their guests. Admission to membership is by sponsorship of an existing member along with suitable reference from one additional member. After interviews with current or past directors, each application is carefully considered by the Membership Committee for the approval of the Board of Directors.

The Donalda Club is a multi-activity family club. Members are admitted by family, with one family member designated as the voting member for official matters. Activity participation is open to all family members.

Donalda offers 3 (three) types of membership categories which may be of interest to you.

  • The first is Full Membership allowing access to all activities at Donalda including golf.

  • The second is Activity Membership which allows families to access all activities excluding golf.

  • And the third is Dining Membership which allows access to the dining & meeting facilities, swimming pool and bridge for the entire family.


Donalda Club Video


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All inquiries regarding application for membership should be made to:

Membership & Marketing Manager
Donalda Club
12 Bushbury Drive
Toronto, Ontario M3A 2Z7
Phone: 416-446-5872
Fax: 416-447-7805